Personal information

Born 1986 in Liverpool, England.

Working in digital format, mainly in black and white, my focus is on urban and industrial scenes as well as landscapes and the natural world.

In my work I attempt to combine my own attraction to patterns, contrasts and textures with the unique view on the world which the camera offers: photographs can capture the dynamism of the environment which our eyes struggle to discern; they can show us our surroundings in the absence of colour, highlighting shapes and differences in light and shade; they can reveal the details of seemingly pitch black nightscapes. Through the camera we can appreciate the elements of our environment which often remain unseen, creating a window onto a new, attractive and fascinating world.



‘Seeing the unseen’
Blue Moon Gallery, Heswall, Wirral, UK
13th March – 13th May

‘Seeing the unseen’
Wallasey Central Library exhibition space, Wirral, UK
29th February – 12th March


‘Seeing the unseen’ (Solo)
Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK
15th October - 15th November